Epi Petit Noé or Epi Speedy 25/30?

  1. Two very different bags I know. Just some opinions wanted.

    I like the fact that the speeedy has a zipper top but it is handheld only. And then the Noé has a shoulder strap which I love since I have a toddler and it might be easier to manage her w/a shoulder style bag but it is an open top (even if it has the ties).

    I just know I want something from the Epi line and in red. I guess my best bet is to try them ALL on.

    I'm going to Vegas in November for my bday and anniversary so I'm hoping to get this when in Vegas or before the trip (even better).
  2. I prefer the Epi Speedy (either size) to the petit noe. I just like the shape better and the fact that it has a zipper top. I'm always afraid that things will fall out of my bag without me noticing so a zipper top is high priority for me.
  3. I have 6 speedies and 3 noes and I find that I use my noes more often because I love the convenience of a shoulder strap.
  4. I love the red Epi. I'm going to vote for the Speedy, because I don't like the big square bottom on the Noe, but I am right there with you on the practicality of the shoulder strap.

    I bought my first LV while on a visit to England, and I highly recommend waiting until you go to Vegas make your purchase...if you can stand it. Now when I use the bag I got on my vacation, it reminds me of the trip and makes me smile. :flowers:
  5. I have both and I like my speedy better because it is easier to see inside (esp. with the 30). I like my noe, but it is black inside (it's the black epi noe) and it is so deep that it's hard to see what is on the bottom!
  6. I'd go with the Speedy. I would use it more IMO.
  7. If the noe falls off your shoulder it can be a lethal weapon, well scare the small one anyway. Strap is quite stiff and too short to go cross body. I love hand held bags these days. I can carry it in either hand or arm crook which is hard to do with a shoulder bag. The zipped Speedy is very secure but the noe isn't that bad, you would have to shake it upside down for stuff to fall out. Just being devil's advocate, I would get the noe in red epi, the folds are so beautiful in that fabric.

    Have fun trying all the bags on. Remember to practice all those toddler moves with it on! Red epi is the best.