Epi Petit Noe in Ivoire

  1. Hello Everyone.
    I was wondering what your opinions are on the Epi Petit Noe in Ivoire. Would it look big with just being white? Hard to keep clean. I am very careful with my bags. All are in perfect condition. I just realized that I NEED a Noe. :drool: Or should I just get a black one. I have a black Epi Speedy 25 on the way. TIA
  2. After seeing this bag IRL, it looks AMAZING. It seems like it would be hard to keep clean... but I dunno. I don't own the bag so I wouldn't know. :push:
  3. Nope, it'd look gorgeous!! I think the Ivorie epi is amazing.

    Edit: Dangit John, the one time I say "amazing", you say it before me!! :lol:
  4. I think the epi petite noe is really cute. I'm actually considering getting it too. And I too have the epi speedy in black :yes:
  5. lol. You should know that "amazing" is one of my most fave words! :p
  6. Thanks Guys... Are they hard to find? I can only buy through Eluxury, so I have to order one to try it on. It looks like it could have the "Amazing" factor going for it. :p

  7. Do you love your Speedy?
    I have a Damier Speedy 25 ( brown ) My Epi Speedy ( black ) is on it's way and when I saw the white noe, I thought .. I could have the three basic bag colors and have it all covered. :idea: Makes sense, right?
  8. epi ivory noe is lovely, and in general, epi is pretty durable and does not dirty easily....i would think you could wipe it down with a damp cloth if it were to get soiled.
  9. I agree that the epi is easy to keep clean. I have the black speedy 25 (love it!) and I just wipe it with a soft washcloth before I put it away. The ivoire noe would be fab!
  10. Ivory noe is a big wish! I have not seen it IRL, but can only imagine how gorgeous it is! I have mandarin epi noe and it's very durable. I do use Wilson's leather lotion on it to keep it soft and clean... I would get ivory in a second, but am waiting for a big noe to come out in it... if it ever does. Just got the petit mc yesterday and am really surprised that it's a very roomy big bag. Not that small at all... I'd go for ivory if I was you...;)
  11. I can't imagine epi being very hard to clean at all. It's very durable and resistant. I also thought the noe would've been a little big and monochromous, perhaps a petit one would've been better.
  12. My epi speedy is pretty young.....got her about three weeks ago, and I've only used her three times...but I love her :heart: she's so chic, classy, and pretty :yahoo:I have a damier speedy 30...and so far i've been using her the most - a great day-to-day bag.

    All this talk about the epi ivoire noe is really making me want one too...... :rolleyes:
  13. the noé is a beautiful bag :smile: and you wont regret buying it! The ivorie might be hard to keep clean but will look chic and classy for years to come!
  14. I think white bags in general are hard to keep em clean. I lovee petit noe.. it's a style that I just recently "found". I used to not like it but now I love it!!!

    If you're set on the ivorie color, then go for it. But if you're set on the noe style, then look at ur wardrobe and think about which color that will match most of the stuff u wear. =)

    I think the white MC noe is super cute!!! And recently I just thought a black epi petit noe would be a good staple!!
  15. I don't like LV Noe style. It looks out-dated to me. Anyway, lately see a Chanel same style bag and it is soooooo cute!
    Back to LV, if you like noe style, Ivorie would be the best choice.