Epi Passy PM

  1. was the bag ever released in toledo blue or myrtille? thanks!
  2. Toledo blue for sure not as this colour was discontinued ages ago,myrtille not 100% sure but I don't think it's available either. When did Passy first came out?
  3. ^ i have no idea..i've been thinking about a work bag for the longest time..but i don't want it to be too catchy (red) and i don't like black bags. the ivoire is hard to maintain, the cannelle..i dont like..
  4. I think the Passy came out in 2006. I wish it came out in Myrtille though, it would look pretty!
  5. so does anyone know whether it came out in myrtille? or toledo blue?
  6. Nooooooooooo... of cause not.:hrmm:

    I bought mine on Jan2006, and at that time there're only red and black.
    ((So, I got the red))

    After that there was Cannelle(sp?) and then Ivorie.
  7. I think the passy came out after the blues were discontinued. Maybe there will be a new blue soon!
  8. :cursing: oh no! i really wanted one in blue! thanks everyone!
  9. yeah definitely no blue on the passys at this time. hopefully they will come out with a new blue or green! it's about time for a new sassy epi color i say! :nuts:
  10. ahh...looking at ur blue epi speedy makes me want a blue passy pm more!!