Epi Passy & Passy GM now on Eluxury

  1. Just saw these newly added to Eluxury this morning....recall hearing that folks here were interested (well I was one of them) but that Eluxury didn't have them available....well here they are.

    Epi Passy GM

    Epi Passy

    Does anyone know if these 2 styles are PERMANENT new additions to the Epi line? Also, wanted to ask LV experts here for advice on that smooth leather trim above the epi leather.....the epi is supposed to be pretty-much rain/weather-proof, right?...but won't the smooth leather part be much harder to take care of?
  2. I'm pretty sure the Passy is permament until further notice, I mean, it can still go the way of the St. Tropez, Rochelle, Cluny and multi-coloured Noe in the future if the powers that be decide so. Plus it is weather proof, and I haven't heard the smooth leather being more difficult to handle than the rest of the ribbed part of the bag. Epi is quite resiliant !
  3. I just think that bag is super classy. Can't wait to get one! :nuts:
  4. I went to the store to try on both GM and PM in both black and red color. I have a weird feeling that I can't blend this bag into my outfit no matter what. It is little bit too dressy for me even for the GM size. I love my Damier Chelsea more than it even though it is a lovely bag,but maybe just not for me.:sad: