Epi Passy GM - RED. What do you think ladies/gents?

  1. PassyGM.jpg

    I really want to get a red bag and I love the Epi Passy GM. The only thing I'm worried about is the creasing (is there?:s ) of the leather when you hook the lock thingy together.

    Anyone have any problems with any creasing when you put the lock thingy together?

    If you don't like the Epi Passy GM, what red bag should I get? I need a on-the-shoulder bag.

  2. The Passy is wonderful. I do prefer the PM, however, just because I think this bag would look great if it were a little smaller and hand-held. I'm sure it looks great on the shoulder (the GM) but I've only seen the PM and I just loved it.

    Red is a good choice of colour. :yes: It's a very classy bag.

    As for the creasing...I don't know for sure since I don't own a Passy, but I saw this lady carry the bag and when she settled it down beside her the bag did an okay job of holding its shape.
  3. I prefer the PM, but if you need a shoulder bag, go for it :yes: The Passy is wonderful!
  4. I love this bag..red or black..
  5. I absolutely love the Passy GM in red. :love: It holds it shape well. The only other bag I would love in red is a Speedy 30 or a Soufflot :biggrin:
  6. Gorgeous in red!!! :yes:
  7. I am returning my red Epi Speedy 30 tomorrow. After owning it for four days, it is already a little misshapen. I am exchanging it for the Epi Passy GM in red!

    It's a beautiful, classic and more importantly (IMO) structured bag....
  8. I like the Epi Passy :love: , not a big fan of the GM because it's so huge. I must admit the PM is kind of heavy, maybe because it's Epi leather?

    Also, in regards to the creasing matter, there are a little bit of wrinkles on the epi leather where the creases are but it's not that noticeable really, she's still a gorgeous baby :tender:
  9. i prefer the passy pm more than the gm. did you consider the segur mm?
  10. I love this bag in BLACK....
  11. Well, I just saw it yesterday and even though the dims are almost the same as my Chanel tote, it looked SOOOOOOOOO big on me! :cursing: And I could see the sagging thing happening. :cursing: :cursing: But OH what a beeeeeeeeeeeautiful purse! :love:

    Anyways, I ended up buying a Segur pouch in black and a red epi cles, the new one with silver hardware! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: Will post soon!
  12. congratulations GTOFan!
  13. I LOVE this bag! Please post pics when you get her!
  14. congratulations GTOfan...cant wait to see pictures :smile:
  15. Beautiful!!!