Epi owners, is there a way to remove the wrinkles?

  1. I have a sac d'epaule that is getting wrinkly shoulder strap and the belt that goes around it, is there away to fix this or to make it less noticeable?

  2. I don't think it could be removed...:shrugs:

    What's the bag? It's cute!!!
  3. It is a Sac d'Epaule from '99 no longer being made.
  4. No~ unfortunately it is part of the leather and there to stay.
  5. ^^ ITA.. Its an Epi thing...
  6. The wrinkles are natural, but you have a gorgeous bag!
  7. If there is, let me know! :push:
  8. No way to remove them as far as I know.
  9. Try to keep it from getting worse by stuffing the bag?
  10. I kinda like the wrinkles. Show that I have the bag for a while hahaha.
  11. my speedy is fully stuffed and only used 3 times and it's still getting them by the zipper