Epi owners...is the LV leather worth it???

  1. Hi guys!!! :smile:

    So in my quest to try and hunt for something other than my one pattern of LVs....I need your advise...

    Im looking at the Black epi Alma primarly and a few others, still in black.....and I dont see or know of too many people carring Epis anymore...I saw sooo many before, like maybe 4-5 years ago.....no one around me has one at this time....

    Can you tell me how well the pieces have held up for you? Does the shape hold well vs. Canvas lines?? Any issues? Is it scratch resistant? Any infos or advise on styles I should consider???? Im such an Epi dummy........:p

    Thank you!!!!!!:love:
  2. Hello~ I :heart: my epi's! I have 5 and they hold up fabulously! They are not scratch resistant but very durable. I love the jasmin..the best. It is my last shape to get. But if $$$ is no object I say the passy. Gorgy!:yahoo: Epi is My passion...I have the Alma and it is so classy IMO. Let me know if you have more questions:yes:
  3. I don't own one. But I think they're worth it.
  4. i don't own one, but would love it in a speedy
  5. I had several pieces and SO my Cartouchiere in a PM size. Love it and wore it too death. I get many compliments on this bag. Epi is just as durable as the iconic Monogram canvas.
  6. It' not scratch resistant. My friend bought the Alma a few years ago and when it got a few scratches she sold it b/c it really bothered her. She bought a red epi speedy in January and she adores it. I bought a epi pochette accessories to try it out & I love it so much I ordered a black epi speedy. I plan on babying it.
  7. Thats a worry for me...it is leather so I guess that it will scratch more than the Canvas.....:s

    Then I guess, my next bet would be the Monceau....so that I can use it for night out or for work....it looks so great with the new silver wares...:drool:

    What do you guys think??
  8. Thank you!!! I do have one question regarding scratching...how prone is the bag to scratches??? Does it need to be a bit cared for in this department??

    I started to look at the Monceau if it has to be cared for vs. the Alma if its a yes...the alma would scratch much more IMO...
  9. I too was wondering the same things, does the black scratch bad? I am dying for a black Jasmin!
  10. A excoworker of mine had a wallet that she threw around like crazy straight for a couple of years, and it still looked great, so it depends how you use it. LOVE LOVE the black epi alma, its on my to buy list down the line.
  11. I think it's worth it, but it definitely scratches. I have a Yellow Epi Noe that purchased used. It came in great condition with no scratches, but somehow the first time I used it I got a huge scratch going down the front. It's about 3 inches long and I have no idea how it got there. I went to Target with my toddler and must have rubbed against something. Oh well, it bothers me a bit, but now I've left my mark on it.
  12. I don't own any epi, but I plan to somewhere down the line. It's just that I keep changing my mind over what shape/style/color I should get! But I definitely think it's worth it...the leather doesn't turn like vachetta, making it very weather-friendly.
  13. I have several mandarin pieces. Yes, it is worth it. However, you need to be careful with it.
  14. I haven't used my Myrtille Jasmin too much, just when I have on the right outfit, and so I've never gotten any scratches. I assumed it was fairy indestructible, though, b/c a friend of mine has a red Epi Bucket that she's had for years and years and abuses like crazy. She only has one teeny scratch on it. Maybe she's just been lucky. All in all, though, I think the Epi line is worth the money!:heart:
  15. I have 3 epis, I think it is totally worth it, it looks great after the years, is a lot less faked and fakes can never get away with it. Totally worth the money.