Epi or Vernis

  1. I wanted to buy myself a LV wallet but can't decided which one. Epi leather Red or Vernis Pink. Please give me some opinions. Thanks
  2. They are both beautiful, but I will choose the epi red. It's a wonderfully textured leather and I just love how it smells!
  3. Thanks. The red I like it also.
  4. i would say epi because it will never change its color even for 5 years.
  5. My mother passed down her black epi french purse that she has had for years and it is still in great shape. I highly recommend!
  6. Another vote for the red epi
  7. I love vernis more than epi. It's just so pretty!
  8. What else is in your collection...I love them both.
  9. Both are lovely, but I would go with the epi. It is more durable.
  10. Tough choice... I'll get the epi.
  11. I prefer the Vernis. I love the depth of color.
  12. I have both, a mandarin epi wallet & a marshmallow vernis. I use my mandarin epi wallet a lot more.

    I'm super paranoid about using the vernis. I love the color so I always keep it in it's dust cover because I don't want it to get dirty.

    The epi just feels so much more durable.
  13. I have both Epi and Vernis bags, and an Epi wallet, and although I think the Vernis is prettier and more eye-catching, the Epi is MUCH more durable and will last you forever. Like Lehua said you might end up being so afraid to get the vernis dirty you won't enjoy it. Definitely the practical choice.
  14. Epi!
  15. The epi may be more durable, but I smile every time I take my Fuchsia Koala wallet out of my purse, and I get so many complements on it. It's really an eye catcher. I've used mine for a couple of months now, I'm not gentle on it, and no scratches or anything - still looks great!:girlsigh: