Epi or Vernis?


Epi or Vernis?

  1. Epi

  2. Vernis

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  1. I've read about the Epi peeling but I've also heard about the color transfer from Vernis. I'm just wondering what you ladies(and guys :smile:) think in terms of picking one for an agenda.

    I'm thinking either the red epi or the new red vernis agenda :smile:
  2. Pommod d'amour is HOT!
  3. Pomme d'amour might be hot, but the epi is so much classier and IMO a lot less "tackey" looking. Vernis is plastic, epi is... Leather. Also I know of a lot of people who think vernis is fake just because it looks so plasticky.

    That aside, I think the vernis style would be best for someone young and cute and girly perhaps even a bit teeny, while the epi is more mature female looking, it's discreet and is perfect for a business/career-oriented woman. Just try i ton see what suits your style. Or get both! ^_^
  4. I voted for vernis. I have a silver vernis agenda and a toledo blue epi petit noe. I think the epi in smaller pieces sometimes looks like corrugated cardboard (just my opinion!) and the vernis looks elegant in the smaller pieces.
  5. BTW, Liberte, they are both leather. Vernis is NOT plastic and is not tacky.
  7. I love them both, but IMO Epi is much more durable and long-lasting. I have an Epi St Jacques I got 6 years ago that looks almost brand-new, and a vernis Thompson street I got 4 years ago, that I don't wear very often at all, and it's already starting to look a little mushed in from my arm hanging over the bag. Liberte's post made me think- I hope I am not too old for vernis! (30) boo
  8. Pommod d'amour!!! No questions
  9. I was just concerned..originally I was going to buy the epi, but I read about the leather peeling. Thanks for all the great input!!
  10. I voted for vernis because I love it!

    It would be nice if people would state their opinions by indicating that what they are saying is in fact "just my opinion."

    In my opinion, vernis is neither tacky nor is it made for "young, teeny people." Instead it is for whoever likes it and can carry it. Everything is not for everyone and that's okay. I'm neither young nor teeny and have obtained quite a nice vernis collection. Love it!

    Statements of fact or alleged fact should be checked before being boldly stated ie "Vernis is plastic, epi is leather." If one is not sure, one can indicate that she/he is unsure and allow others to help. It just comes off as being less antagonistic. JMO.
  11. i have the red epi agenda. and i love it!
  12. Vernis, the new red!

  13. I love both, but my absolute favorite is vernis :yes:
  14. LOL, I don't think it looks plastic at all, and I am certainly not young nor tiny...lol.

    That deserves more pics!


  15. Wow I feel the complete opposite. I don't think a lot of the younger audience here will be often carrying Roxburry Streets or Maples. While many of us may put Hello Kitty stationary of girl our agendas up, they still can function beautifully for a working woman.

    Plasticky and vernis? The inside feels and smells like delicious leather while the outside sparkles without having the plasticy rainbow glittery you'll find in a lot of patents.