Epi or Suhali?

  1. Which would me more suited for an older woman, Epi or Suhali?

    I need a gift for my grandma who is turning 75. She's been loyal to LV since the 1970s and already has a lot of the Monogram Canvas pieces so I am trying to avoid anything from that collection. She's not really into the Damier because, in her words, it is very "Vanseque."

    I'll take any suggestions.
  2. suhali suhali suhali
  3. Both are great!!! But I would choose Epi.
  4. Something from the Suhali line would be a great gift. However, if you don't think your grandmother would like all the shiny hardware, something in epi is also a nice choice. It really depends on your grandmother's taste.
  5. aww. she doesn't like damier? :hrmm:


  6. I would go with epi.
  7. I would say epi.
  8. depends on the style. epi is more subdued but i personally like suhali better than epi.
  9. I like both but I think she'd be more suited to the Epi. Maybe the black or cannelle?
  10. suhali is gorgeous and sophisticated, epi is more low-key, not as much of an attention grabber. What would she like better?

    Or...how about something in vernis - pearle or noisette?

  11. ITA :yes:
  12. Thanks for the quick responses!

    Right now, I am trying to decide between a black Epi Passi, a black Epi Pont-Neuf, or a black Suhali Lockit PM. I been wanting to get her a Suhali Lockit for sentement's sake because she already has a vintage Lockit. But the consensus says to get something Epi.
  13. Well I think we OVERLOOKED the Lockit, the reason so many people say epi is becuase it is more low key, the suhali IN GENERAL is a little mroe in your face as it has all the studs, but the lockit in suhali is another thing. I definitely say lockit! I think if you said that before, many more people would have voted for the suhali lockit!
  14. I would go with a suhali lockit.
  15. Suhali Lockit is a great idea!!!!! With the sentiment and all! Also it doesn't have too much hardware going on and isn't as bling as other suhali bags, so that may be more suitable for your grandma, unless she's blingy.