Epi or Rocoleta?? help!??!


Epi or Rocoleta

  1. Epi

  2. Rocoleta

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  1. Love both. :love: :love:

    This one will end soon. Just saw the auction.:girlsigh: But, I love this style ... already saw it in person at LV store. :girlsigh:
    eBay: LV Louis Vuitton Damier Canvas Recoleta (item 270017028147 end time Aug-17-06 14:00:00 PDT)


    Been looking for red epi for a while. I guess less room than Recoleta.

    eBay: AUTH Like new LOUIS VUITTON EPI Red Pochette bag (item 110021011045 end time Aug-23-06 08:00:00 PDT)

    I'm about 5' 1", so the bag won't be too small for me... for sure. :lol:
    Which one should I get first?

    Been shopping too much this month. Gotta pick one. :crybaby:
  2. i prefer the red epi! :yes:
  3. I would go with red epi.:yes:
  4. Epi!
  5. Epi for me to!
  6. Another vote for epi
  7. Wow, thanks everyone.

    I look at the epi auction since last night. I'm begining to obsess with it.:cutesy:
    Given the condition of the bag, BIN price isn't so bad, right?
    If I wait just to save $20, and someone took it with BIN price ... I'd be really mad. :Push: :noggin:

    Almost bought one in June, but there was a big scratch which I could bring myself to pay for it. :lol:

    BTW, Recoleta is more formal?
  8. Darn, my first coffee mast already wear off.
    Typo for the Recoleta. :sleepy:
  9. I have recoleta..I love it
    It's rommier that epi pochette. It can be formal or casual IMO.
    Love mine..

    I love that red epi pochette..go get it before too late..great price!
  10. Epi vote for me. Its a good price!
  11. My vote goes to the red Epi!:heart:
  12. I have the red epi pochette and LOVE it...so I would go with that one!
  13. Although I love red Epi, my vote goes to Damier here!
  14. Go ricoletta, I hope you won it ! :biggrin: