Epi or Monogram Petit Noe????


Jul 28, 2014
Los Angeles County, CA
Hello everyone,

I have been going back and forth trying to decide if I should go for a vintage monogram petit noe or a vintage epi black noe. I currently have two monogram bags: speedy 25 and cabas mezzo.

Anyone of you have both? Thoughts or opinions???


Sep 16, 2011
Toronto, Canada
How about both! lol

I brought a vintage Epi Black Petit Noe about 3 years ago in near perfect condition for a great price. I stopped using it for awhile as I got other bags afterwards but just started recently using it again. Then I thought about getting another Petit Noe and couldn't decide whether to go for a Mono or another Epi one in a different color. After much deliberation, I decided to go for a Petit Mono Noe and brought a pre-loved one on Ebay yesterday which has already been shipped so I'm anxiously awaiting its arrival. I would like to get more in the future in various Epi colors if I could.

In your case, seeing how you already have 2 Mono bags, I say go for the Epi Black Noe for now to add some variety to your collection and perhaps get the Petit Mono Noe later on? It's really a great bag and ages very well, I think mine is around 10 yrs old and it looks much newer than that. Plus no vachetta to worry about!