Epi or Mono Speedy??

  1. So I was at the LV store today and fell in love with the Speedy 25. BUT I fell in love with both the Red Epi Speedy and the Mono. So I am stuck... which Speedy?

    The Epi is beautiful, but I don't know if it will look too mature for me. I'm 18-years-old, but my friend's mom has an Epi Red in a different shape. Does anyone know if a lot of younger girls carry this? And the Mono was pretty too and I think will go with anything. I'll be able to use both for a long time. AAHHH I don't know what to do! What do y'all think?
  2. I'd go with epi.
    1 there are no problems with the naked leather handles
    2 it is more subtle and will grow with you
    3 it is faked less than mono
    4 as a fellow 18 year old, i think the bright cherry "new red" is perfect youthful yet mature at the same time

    Plus epi is AWESOME.
  3. I love the Mono it's great I say mono!!!
  4. I'd get the Mono.
  5. The monogram will be easier to match with stuff seeing as the red you'll have to tailor your outfits to go with it.
  6. Mono Speedy 25. I still love my Speedy. I got the speedy back in October of last year. Its such a beautiful purse. And goes with everything. Enjoy whatever Speedy you choose.
  7. I vote for a Red Epi. It's beautiful, more elegance and more in shape.
    Anyway, am not a fan of LV monogram canvas. Look so normal and everywhere to me.
  8. I choose Mono, it was my first LV 24 years ago!
  9. can't go wrong with either
  10. epi looks great, but mono is a great starter LV.........i'd say mono
  11. epi speedy.
  12. Mono. The soft epi wrinkles with use and does not look good IMO.
  13. The red Epi for sure! I have epi and I'm 21, it doesn't look too mature at all, especially if you wear it with a fun outfit or put a cute bag charm on it. :yes:
  14. I vote Epi! I love my Epi Speedy and i'm only 22!
  15. I like the monogram.