1. hey girls! I was thinking of getting my first little lv piece, either a groom cles, or an epi cles, not sure which color I would like, was thinking a red, manderin, or their darker blue. What would you suggest? I have two bals I would use it with, a grey and ink. TIA!
  2. I was also thinking of putting my coach keychain and charm with it if it helps narrow down the choices, or even add some new choices.
    group charms and bal first grey.jpg
  3. Epi! (And this is coming from a strictly monogram girl!)
  4. Epi :smile:
  5. Epi!! I am a big fan now... lol
  6. groom
  7. i love my groom
  8. epi
  9. groom cles.. cute
  10. Epi if you are going to use it everyday! the red and electric blue are really outstanding cles colors! =)

    the groom is a little more delicate.
  11. I like the groom one:love:
  12. Epi...or what about the new red vernis? Gorgeous color!
  13. i just got a groom cles...and I love it! plus it's limited...but it would also be nice if you found a mandarin or the darker blue...I think those are discontinued
  14. I like the groom.
  15. I LOVE the manderin, but I don't think it would go with anything..but it would stand out against the ink right?
    but so would the red, which would match the charms.
    and blue is always nice.. would also go with my grey..

    and the groom would go with all right? but it is rather delicate..