Epi or Epi Soft? What's the Diff?

  1. When a seller says their epi petit noe bag is "epi soft leather" what exactly does that mean? :confused1: I usually like slouchy-ish bags, but I'm not sure I want a petit noe to be so smushy. I still want it to have that cool boxy look that makes a noe a noe, IMHO. When did LV switch to SOFT EPI? Does it wear any differently? Are the colorations the same? Thanks so much for all of your expertise!
  2. the last time I held a vintage epi noe, it was smooshy.
  3. I usually see "EPI soft" in reference to the Speedy on eLux - but honestly, IRL it doesn't seem that different than the leather on, say, the Alma or Passy (which isn't described on eLux as "soft"). That said, I used to have a Petit Noe from '97 that was REALLY soft, and my small EPI wallet is much softer than the leather on the pochette. So it probably just means that the leather is pretty smooshy, compared to what you'll find in stores now. It's still wonderful and durable - I love both the soft and hard EPI leathers.
  4. The "soft" epi was released about 3 years ago. It's supposed to be a little less stiffer than the old epi. The seller was probably trying to emphasize that her bag is the newer edition. You can spot-check that by comparing it to her date code. Hope this helps