epi or damier speedy?

  1. I was holding out on the Damier speedy coming out this summer ... but today I was looking at epi speedys on eBay and they look gorgeous too!! I can't decide!! I won't have enough money until the first week of June anyways (summer means overtime for me, yay), but now I'm so confused. :huh: I just know I definately don't want mono.

  2. EPI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:love:
  3. I would say epi as well!
  4. I am holding out for the Damier speedy...just called LV yesterday to see if the wait list was open yet (it's not...BOO!)
  5. Both are gorgeous-especially in epi red; ahhhhhhhhh- but I really like the new Damier! I think you'll end up liking it because it's so "fresh and new".
  6. epi
  7. Epi- it's beautiful! Nothing against damier, of course :P
  8. Epi , u can enjoy the "choosing color" moment !
  9. Oh..of coz Epi dear...:amuse: that goes without saying....:nuts:
  10. I say Damier. I'm biased b/c I just love that pattern!
  11. I like Epi as well.
  12. Go for the epi.
  13. I think I'm going to go with epi ... now what color ... :biggrin:
  14. me too! :love:
  15. i like both - so im not that much help! sorry!!!!!!! if you can save enough for both then i say, go hard and get both!

    actually, what colour epi are you wanting???
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