Epi or any Pochette owners

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  1. Hello everybody I have a little dilemma I have a wapity and I love it, I really like to carry on my wrist but sometimes I need something a bit larger than the wapity so i was thinking if it would look nice on a guy to carry an epi pochette accesories on the wrist, is it weird??:shrugs: could someone take a picture of that ?
  2. Hello someone pls!
  3. Have you tried a monogram partition bag?
  4. the partition looks nice I tought it was discontinued
  5. Yes it was Antonio (love that name) its so :graucho::graucho:
    perhaps you can find one on Ebay?
  6. what about a mini pochette acessories?
  7. IMO the pochette may just be a tad too feminine for a guy!
    THe thing about the Wapity is that the shape is quite unisex (like a small camera bag--my guy friend has on and LOVES it) but the pochette has a more feminine outline...
    But if you like it, you should try it!
  8. hehe thank you darling!!! :shame:
  9. Yeah I might do it actually
  10. You might want to try the Orsay Pochette. It's 9 by 6 inches and could hold a man's wallet, cell phone, ipod, etc. Or try the Pochette Saint Louis (in Damier) or Pochette Baikal (in Taiga)-all of these pochettes are on eluxury. Do a search engine on eluxury with the word Pochette and you'll get several pages of the various pochettes. The are all larger and cost more than a regular Pochette, but are a bit more masculine. The Baikal looks really nice! Good luck!
  11. What about a Pochette Bosphore? I know it's not handheld, but it's a very unisex pouch that you can wear messenger style and the size is nice, not too big and not too small. Also the price is pretty fair at $600 USD or so. :yes:
  12. While the pochette is practical I think it would be odd to see a guy wearing it. It is a purse, after all, and it has a pretty feminine shape IMO. I like the discontinued bag that was posted above- it looks more masculine.
  13. I'd agree that the epi pochette is rather feminine, but if you feel comfortable wearing it, why not give it a go?

    I think it's hard to tell whether a bag is or isn't for you just judging by pics. I always have to try them on :shame:

    Love the Partition by the way. There are a couple on eBay at the moment and the prices are rather good
  14. One of the other guys on here has a Damier mini pochette and puts it in their back pocket with the chain attached to the loop on jeans.

  15. oooh, love that idea ... that sounds absolutely H-O-T :drool: