Epi Noe. What do you think? Help please..

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  1. I am thinking of buying this preloved epi noe.. It's really going at a low, low price. The drawstring is in a bad condition. Do you think LV can have this repaired? I have yet to see this bag in real life. I wonder what else can LV do to repair the noe just in case there are other parts of it that needs to be repaired. Anyone with experience of sending their noe or any other epi models for repairs?

    I do not want to buy it a low price and then end up paying a bomb for the repairs.

    Thank you so much.

    P.S: And what do you tpfers think of the condition of this bag? Its going for USD183. Thanks again!:heart:

  2. well the price is very low indeed, but if you buy it I advice you to use it as it is, because to repair it will be expensive, and I am not sure it is even possible because that color has been discontinued a long time ago
  3. LV can repair most of the their items. I have experience with repair. It's costly and takes a long time. This purse is in very good price, but you need to check for authenticity. There are many Epi Noe bags at bargain price but this is also one of the most faked bags. Wish you the best luck.
  4. if youre just worried about the drawstring...then dont bother getting it repaired, instead get a LV scarf to weave it through :smile: im not sure how yellowish that really is but he LVoe scarf would look hot on that! :smile:
  5. That is a discontinued color, so I would say that there isn't much that they can or will do for you. You could replace the drawstring with a scarf!
  6. The bag is rather old. No matter what the price is, I won't get it.
  7. thanks everyone. the scarf is a cool idea.. still cant decide tho..
  8. I would rather pay more and get a Noe in nicer condition.