Epi Noe Large or Petite? Blue or Red?

  1. HELP!!

    I can't decide whether to get the Petite size or the Large Noe. Does anyone own an Epi Noe in Petite or Large??? Please post some pictures with you carrying it on shoulder. I want to have an idea how they both looks on me in comparison.

    Also, cannot decide to get a RED or BLUE!!!!

  2. I'm voting for the Blue Petit. I don't have a large but I hear it looks kinda funny as a handbag...more suitable for traveling/carrying books or something. Good luck!

  3. Thanks Kimalee for your opinion!

    Can you send me pics of you carrying the Petite Noe??
  4. I'm voting Petit Blue, too. Unless you carry a ton of stuff with you, I don't find the large very versatile. I mainly use the large for travel/overnight/school trips. The petit is perfect and roomy for everyday!
  5. my votes on epi petite noe in red~

    i think pn is so cute, i'm hoping to get a mono or epi...red is my favorite color
  6. i borrowed these pics from the noe club...I hope they help for now! the first is the petite, second is the regular.
    DSCN1291.jpg l_23622f3fc65a577a2c7de63ebc5fcb9d.jpg
  7. Epi Noe Large or Petite... I love both of them but my vote is for red.....
  8. Thanks Kimalee! The pics shown well on the size of each bag. I checked out the MC noe you won yesterday... Looks great!

  9. I've decided to go with the PETITE NOE .... Still can't decide on whether BLUE or RED!! Any more votes and photos???
  10. Another questions for you guys...

    How many shades of BLUE do these Epi Noe comes with? I saw 2 shades so far... not sure if the lighting or the style made. See samples below. Also, I thought the inside lining suppose to be black/dark grey shade... how come some comes in BLUE? Are they fakes?

  11. ^I think there are 2 shades...don't know about the lining, though. I'm glad you're going with the Petit! (And I still vote for blue!)
  12. There are 2 blues - Toledo (which is old) and Myrtille (the most recent, yet now discontinued color). I think both noes you attached are Toledo based on the design (the newer petit noes look like regular noes because of their similar bottoms)...except the lighting of each picture makes the noes look different.

    The black/dark grey shade is of older variety (some of the really vintage ones have interior pockets), while the later ones come in the blue that almost match the shade of the Toledo. They both look pretty real to me, but we'd have to see more pics. :tup:
  13. I have seen counterfeit Myrtille Epi pieces... :yucky:

    I would go with a Petit Myrtille Epi Noe... it's gorgeous!
  14. I vote for the Blue Petit Noe... the regular Noe is really huge.
  15. You all are wonderful!

    Now it makes more sense! Cuz I saw some auction on eBay with title "petite" yet the style looks like the large Noe, I thought the seller had no clue of which item he/she is selling. LOL. I love the Myrtille too! It's definitely gorgeous... Hmm.. I am also weighing on a bargain bag. It seems like the myrtille cost 3x more than the regular Toledo blue.

    Do you know how much they were going for retail price before they discontinued them?