Epi Noe - is it getting discontiued?

  1. I'm not sure if it is true, but a SA from one of the stores told me that they are going to discontinue the Epi Noe :shocked:

    Is this really true? :confused1: I'm really confused at the moment!
  2. Wow, that would shock me considering the Noe is one of the oldest LV bags, being around since 1932! If it is indeed the case, I would hope that LV would do a big retirement party for her and invite the tPFers!!!
  3. Maybe she misunderstood LV instructions or expressed herself the wrong way and meant the present epi colours?
    Really.. that would be weird.. :confused1:
  4. that would be weird they just brought out the new colours and she's one of the classic items, I didn't see anything in the look book about it being discontinued (it shows the denim bags that are going)
  5. I actually asked this a while ago but didnt get any responses.
    I was after the petit noe in epi and I was told various things from diff SA's. I even phoned the customer service num and was told that the bag was no longer being made. My friend also phoned and was told the same thing.
    One SA also told my friend that I had to order it and it would take 3-4mths.
    When I asked my usual SA about it being discontinued he was surprised that I was told that.
  6. Has anyone heard any updates on this? I see that there are epi petit noe on eluxury still. Was this discussion related to the noe in particular or including the petit noe being discontinued? I didn't check to see if epi noe were on elux, but did just see epi petit noe there. I was debating a red epi speedy or petit noe.
  7. I hope it will not be discontinued.
  8. i hope it won't be discontinued...
  9. eLuxury has listed something called a Noe 2, which is exactly the same as the Noe just with silver hardware :sad:
  10. i hope they dont discountine it, cause i wnat more colours in the future!!