epi noe hardware and date code question

  1. I bought a black epi noe (I think it's the petite one) from a vintage store today. The hardware is gold. The date code says AR 0930. Does anyone know where AR is? Is the hardware the right colour for this age of a noe? I really hope that I bought an authentic bag and not a fake. Any info regarding my questions would be very appreciated.
  2. yep should be gold hardware :yes: and AR is made in France. Can you post a pic of your Noe?:smile:
  3. Gold is correct and AR is France. Can you post pics in the Authenticate This thread at the top of the forum? :yes:
  4. OMG! We must have been thinking and typing at the same time! :smile:
  5. Here are the pictures :smile: Do you know if they make fakes of these bags?
    P1010848b.JPG P1010849.jpg P1010852.jpg
  6. It looks good!

    By the way, the last number in the date code is a 9, not a 0. It changes the year the bag was made. :smile:
  7. Ohhh we did too..Hehehe;) Bigbaglady it's real :yes: And in wonderful condition too. As RobbieNEmmy said the 4th digit looks like 9 ,hence it's born in March 1999:flowers: Just to add- yes,fakes come in every styles and makes.
  8. look good! can you pull your linning out as in it is not glued to the bag?
  9. The lining is not glued to the bag. What does this mean? The date code is AR 0939! I would be thrilled if this bag is authentic.
  10. good because mine isn't either, just checking all the little details! date code looks good too, sounds like you got yourself a authentic LV! :smile:
  11. I sure hope you're right!
  12. Great bag!!!:love: Looks authentic to me!:yes: CONGRATS!