Epi Noctambule Tote in Vanilla on eBay!!!

  1. wow, that's beautiful...
  2. Wow, that is a gorgeous color!
  3. I think I want it!:graucho:
  4. Wow, that is gorgeous :love:

    Are you going to get that Irene? It's so beautiful!!!
  5. Wow..I think you should grab it Irene!
  6. I just read in the auction that he will only accept PayPal from US buyers. I am going to have to aks my SIL to email them and see if they would take it from a Canadian buyer. My SIL doesn't do any other forms of payment when it comes to eBay.
  7. i hope you get it LV_addict, it's in perfect condition & gorgeous!
  8. Go for it....It's beautiful.
  9. :nuts: Oh...it's stunning. I think if your SIL has a Paypal account with confirmed address you should be fine:yes: Finger crossed for you!!!
  10. Good luck Irene!! This is the best Epi color IMO. :yes:
  11. It's gorgeous Irene, go for it!
  12. That is a gorgeous bag!!!
  13. Oh, I really hope you get it. Good luck! I've actually never been a fan of that tote style, but in that color it's beautiful! Gorgeous bag :smile:
  14. I LOVE the vanilla epi! Good luck with getting it!
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