Epi Neverfull Pochette

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  1. Ladies please help...

    Hubby surprised me with Eli Neverfull in Carmine. Gorgeous bag but I'm at a loss as to what to do with the pochette. Everything I want to put in there makes the zipper wavy, even flat things. It's driving me nuts!!!

    Advice or suggestions?

  2. I have no suggestions. But I love that charm with that bag!!
  3. Thanks! He has great taste!
  4. Maybe you can store your most used cards that don't require cash... like a starbucks card. Or movie tickets or hmm . . . I can't wait to read some of the suggestions. ;)
  5. I love the pochette! I used it today for lunch vs my neverfull. It fit my cell, cles, keys, cash and CCs. U can also use it as a mini iPad cover. Mine is mono...not sure if the mono has more give I just love it.
  6. I have a fuschia one, I've put my cles and cell inside. But a lot of times I leave it empty.
  7. Thanks for your feed back. Do you think the wavy zipper would damage the shape over time?
  8. I don't use my epi NF pochette anymore- I didn't see a point of it to begin with, so at first, I used it to store receipts. I then used it to carry some wipes, which did make it a bit bulky. A month later, it was fine when I took everything out, but I just felt like it was taking up space and quickly put it in my bag storage room.
    I don't think that it gets easily ruined, but I do know what you're talking about! This is what stopped me from wanting to get a W pochette- too flat!
  9. so lucky :smile:
  10. What a wonderful hubby :smile: When I had the neo NF I was planning to use the pochette for receipts...but then I ended up exchanging it for the Speedy :P I get what you mean about making the zipper wavy, I don't like it!

    I think someone posted about a mini ipad fitting in there, if you have one :smile:
  11. I use the pochett from the neo NF for my makeup! The zipper is not wavy! I'm not sure if this helped but I have a smaller clear makeup case I got for free from Victoria's Secret and I put that inside the pochette so the lining doesn't get dirty.
  12. My zipper doesn't get wavy w the stuff I put in. I used it as a clutch to dinner last w/ just my phone, keys and CC. I hope you find ways to use it, it's so cute! :smile:
  13. wow! what a great husband! does he have a brother? ;o)
    I like idea of using it for quick to reach things... if you're headed out for shopping, your credit card other cards you'll be using in that day's travels for quick access. Enjoy and congrats!
  14. I would put in a pencil, paper and grocery list, bills or checks if you still use them., but I am totally into small leathet items and have a little something for everything ... :giggles:
  15. I love the color and the charm looks adorable on her. :hbeat: