Epi Neverfull PM Owners - do you still love yours?

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  1. Hello there,

    I know the Epi NF PM doesn't get much love around here, but I was wondering if you still love yours or is the affair over? Do you find it easy to use? Is it big enough for your daily essentials or do you wish you got the MM? Is it durable or showing signs of wear?

    I tried it on very briefly and thought it was a tad small and more handbag than tote but it looked better on me than the MM. I'm quite short so the MM overwhelmed me.

    My SA preordered it before the price increase but there was a mix-up and they sent the MM instead. So I'm still waiting and thought I could ask for thoughts/opinions in the meantime.

    Would love to get your feedback, TIA!
  2. I have the nf pm in de and love it. I had the same thoughts about the mm. Was just too big for me. The pm stays in My personal buble and holds al My essentiels. Would love à epi one!!!! What color did you order?
    Have you looked at the review of mel soldera and jeruica couture on YouTube on the nf pm? They are great. If you want to look at mod shots, you could do à search on this forum. I have posted some.

    Hope this helps. Looking forward to your reveal;)
  3. Please do a reveal ASAP with mod shots if you could. The mm felt too big to me, but not sure if pm is a shoulder bag. Everything is too big on me except my alma bb, but I really am looking for a small shoulder bag...
  4. Thanks for your reply lovinmylv! Mel Soldera's video was especially helpful. I ordered the saphir and will post pics if I end up getting it. :smile:
  5. The size is good as a shoulder bag but the straps didn't go over my down coat, so I can only carry it on my shoulder if I'm wearing light clothing. Also the Epi version is stiffer than the mono and damier, so it doesn't mold to your body as nicely as the canvas ones. So, I'm on the fence about it and would love to hear from Epi owners. But yes I'll post mod pics if I end up getting it.
  6. Bump :smile: Any Epi owners want to weigh in here? TIA!