Epi Neverful experts- your opinions

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  1. I am considering the Epi neverful in quetsche. Since I am not too familiar with LV I was hoping the experts here could chime in......
    Does this bag stays firm or does it soften up over time?
    Is there a product I can use to make it softer?
  2. I've only had mine for a few months but so far it has not softened much. It is not as malleable as the DE, a bit more stiff and formal but I still love it and use it for both work and casual outings.
  3. epi leather is one of the more durable care free materials some have items for years looking amazing
    the leather does soft a little over time (very little) it is my fav pattern and looks amazing
    on the nfs
  4. It's a softer version of the traditional sturdy epi, so it'll soften a bit in time, but my epi NF has kept it's shape thus far. It's been a couple months and I do see signs that it's become a bit more pliable but in no way does it ever look like it'll soften up like a canvas NF.
  5. I have used mine with full of heavy things and it stays structured. That's what I love about it :smile:.
  6. Mine has stayed firm. Love this bag!