Epi Myrtille Koala or Monogram PTI

  1. I am trying to decide whether to get the Epi Koala in Myrtille or the Monogram PTI. I love the Myrtille color and I know it is discontinued, so I'm worried I'll regret it if I don't get that color. The koala has a lot of credit card slots, which I need, but I am used to long wallets and hate when wallets get too bulky. Opinions on these two wallets and any other suggestions would be welcome.
  2. I would go with the Myrtille since you mentioned that you may regret it if you do not. You can always get the Mono PTI at another time.
  3. Epi for sure :yes:
  4. Hmmmm ..... the Epi Koala in Myrtille.

    It seems as though you really want that one since you like the color, its being discontinued, and it has alot of cc slots. :yes:
  5. Maybe you can find the PTI in myrtille...? :idea:
  6. Get the Myrtille, it's a gorgeous color and I wish I had gotten something before it was discontinued...
  7. The Epi PTI only has 6 credit card slots as opposed to the ten that the monogram one has.
  8. Myrtille Koala
  9. Myrtille is beautiful get it before they're all gone!
  10. OMG, the Myrtille Koala - it's ADORABLE ! :nuts:
  11. myrtille koala!!!
  12. i vote myrtille- always! lol
  13. Epi anything!
  14. Another one vote for Myrtille Koala~*
  15. Yup, Epi Koala. :yes: