Epi / Multicolore Key Pouch Questions

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  1. Hey guys, I'm going to Manchester next week, so might pick up a wee treat for myself at LV. I'm thinking of getting a card holder, but I'm not really into the card holders. I was wondering if the Epi / Multicolore (or even the Vernis) key pouches would hold cards? If I use the key pouch for cards, would that affect the shape of the pouch? (i.e. will it be zipped up awkwardly)?

    I would appreciate your input! And if anybody has pictures of their cles with cards inside, I would appreciate that as well? THANKS as usual!
  2. Hi I have the mc cles and this is with ten cards in, it also has an outside pocket ImageUploadedByPurseForum1396620864.463431.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1396620915.175508.jpg and this is with six cards in , I think six works better because it can be a bit bulky but I think that's due to the little gromit inside but that's just my opinion ImageUploadedByPurseForum1396620985.571782.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1396621010.971328.jpg hope this helps
  3. The downside IMO of the cles used for cards is the chain. It has to be hanging outside or crammed inside scratching your cards. If you have a few cards in the cles it is difficult to get them in and out.

    Have you thought about the MC business card holder? It holds many cards, has an outside pocket for quick grabs like train passes, has a small inside pocket and large pocket. It is more compact than the cles and can also be used as a small wallet to hold coins and cash.

    Here are my comparison pics. I am using 10 cards. As you can see the cles is struggling and bulging and they are difficult to get out and what to do with the chain.

    My Business card holder has two in the back pocket, two in the small pocket and 6 in the large pocket and could still hold more. Doesn't look bulky and is more compact.

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  4. more

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  5. i have the vernis business card and i love it + it fits so many of my essential cards
  6. Thanks everybody! Yeah, I'm quite unsure about getting a cles for my cards at the moment. Apart from the business card holders, what does everybody think about using a zippy coin purse for that purpose? (mainly storing non-essential cards, earbuds, usb sticks, etc)

    Thanks again!
  7. Here are some pics of the MC clés with 12 plastic cards inside, and the same number of cards (plus a few thinner hard paper cards in the front pocket) in the Epi business card holder. It bulges a little and kind of distorts the zipper on the MC clés to store this many in there, and I don't know that I'd recommend doing that for any length of time. Honestly, unless you want the clés for another purpose too, I'd recommend the business card holder. There is room for more than these 12 credit card-style cards in the business card holder, and definitely a lot more room if you're actually storing business cards in it.

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  8. ZCP would be good, but it is not small. I was suprised by how big it was, but it would be a very handy piece to have though. You will have to go in and compare the business card holder with the zippy. good luck.
  9. +1
  10. Sorry to bother but I'm a new member and I can't create a new forum yet.

    I've never had a designer bag, much less a Louis Vuitton. I recently purchased a pre-owned "vintage" Friedland epi leather bag. I just received it and I think it might be fake :sad:
    The heat stamp is my concern. It seems to be blurry and not right. "Made" and "France" are not "perfect"... Everything else seems fine.

    Can you guys PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me out and give me opinions on whether you think its fake?

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  11. You need to post it this in the authenticate this LV thread it's in the shopping section , they will also need a link to an online sale.
  12. I love both my cles and business card holder.however, for cards alone I would much prefer my card holder because, as above, the chain on the cles can get a little awkward. Why not go for the vernis card holder for something pretty ;)
    I also love my zcp but find that it takes a surprising amount of room. It's quite wide! Definitely too large for just cards IMO
  13. I use my zcp only to store a lot of coins or to use as a small wallet ( combined with cards and coins) in my Eva or pochette ( use as a small handbag). I think it's too big JUST for cards and may take up unnecessary room in your bag. I think getting a business card holder is the way to go IMO. GLD!!!
  14. I love my MC cles. I cram A LOT of stuff into though because I use it everywhere I go. I found that it comfortably fits about a dozen cards + a few receipts + a little cash and change.
  15. Thanks guys! I am quite split at the moment between getting a Vernis / Empreinte ZCP or just getting a MC / Vernis cles or business card holder. The ZCP is more expensive but i can fit my earbuds or usb stick in alongside cards... I love my monogram Insolite Coin Purse as my main wallet but it seems a bit pointless to buy something in Vernis / Empreinte if they arent to be used as my main wallet, as they are so precious!

    Decisions, decisions...