Epi Montaigne Sac!

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  1. So I was caught in the Epi Montaigne craze too and got this goody! Pic is kinda lousy, taken at night just a few mins ago :smile:


    So what is that green plastic underneath, you might ask? :graucho:
    SA had to ask for the Montaigne to be transferred from another store, so that means half hr of free time to do other shopping, lol! Very bad idea...
    I came upon this adorable non LV thingy and just HAD to get it! :love:

    IMG_0366_1_1.JPG IMG_0365_1_1.JPG
  2. Congrats on the Montaigne Sac!
  3. I love it!!!!!!! congrats! :drool: model pleeeeease :yes:
  4. Hehe, not today though, kinda tired after work & shopping. Maybe this weekend, haven't showed you all my Monogram Riveting too!

  5. Oh wow. I'm so crazy for that Montaigne and adore Tokidoki too!!!! Would like a makeup case in Toki...sooo cool! But, I've never seen that deep red epi before, wow. That's a really close drool to ivory, could even be better IMO,, thanks for the pics.. I really love that bag! Yikes... I might have to put that one on my list.... I feel terrible cause yesterday there was someone in the forum who said she waited 8 years before buying another epi! oh god. I can't stand it... heehee
  6. OMG. It's gorgeous. I am really loving the montaigne bags. Modeling pics please.... Congrats!!
  7. so hot! congrats its gorgeous!
  8. Hang in there! I think the Montaignes are permanent so you have time :smile:
    I guess the red looks a deeper shade in my pic cos of the dim lighting here. But in bright light/daylight it would be the usual bright red in the LV site pics. Love it!:heart:

  9. Your Montaigne Sac is gorgeous. Congrats! May I know how much is the Montaigne Sac?
  10. The Montaigne is beautiful! I hope you will post modelling pics too.
    The Tokidoki is so cute and fun!
  11. It's 2,057 SGD excl. tax, so around $1,340USD
    I see Eluxury.com has it at $1,330USD :smile:

  12. that's gorgeous!! i was thinking of getting this one instead of the bowling. can you wewar the handles over your shoulder or is it just for hand carry instead? please model soon! :yes: congrats on your new purchase!
  13. I love the epi, and I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who has LV and also like Tokidoki. I think the pirata print is fab for weekends & traveling when you don't want your epi to get banged around.

    But love love love the red with the silver lock!
  14. Gorgeous! Congrats on your new purchases!
  15. OMG i love BOTH!!! they are so cute! i love the red epi! so gorgeous!