Epi Montaigne Sac?? Old lady or cute?

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  1. I was thinking about buying this bag and was wondering if anyone had some pics of this bag "in action"? Not sure if it's too old lady or if it's a cute bag.
  2. I think this is a very beautiful bag; the only reason I don't have it is because my mother chose it for her first LV!
    I think it is AWESOME in red.
  3. I have seen this bag in red and ivory and both were gorgeous. I would love to see a black one!
  4. thanks for the input. I haven't seen the bag yet IRL but it looks so pretty on the eluxury website. If I get it, I want it in black so I'll definitely post pics!
  5. I had this bag but sold it. It was a little too compact for me. But the reason I sold it was because every time I went inside the buckle would slam down on my hand. I used it maybe twice before I sold it. Very very uncomfortable. Heres an old pic. of mine...
  6. I think it's cute!
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    Last edited: Aug 18, 2008
    First of all...my mother has this bag in red. She's a traditional lady. I think it's a classic piece that's a bit off the mainstream, but it will not straight that far off the mainstream...even after 10 years.

    Is it too old lady-ish? I'm not going to call her old, but her taste is definitely traditional. Many many people compliment her on her style though.

    My opinion on the Sac...
    1. Unique
    2. Looks great with a scarf or charms
    3. It can hold a small country, yet easy on the hand/arm
    4. It has a strap - although it doesn't look that great with the strap - just my opinion
    5. The color is so rich, it grabs your attention immediately (but not flashy at all)
    6. Once you stare at it...it grows on you: because of the shape, the border between Epi and the smooth bottom half

    1. Open Top - your accessories are totally exposed
    2. Tough to match wallets - If you use the red epi wallet, there's too much red. The white or black Epi Eugenie works (buckles match)
    3. Can only carry on shoulder with strap
    4. Only 1 zipper pocket (that can fit 3 sheets of paper) and no pocket to put cell phone or anything

    P.S. I've not seen this bag in ivory...did LV release one in ivory?
  8. I was on a quest to get this bag in red when in was first released. I couldn't find it anywhere. Then I saw someone carrying it at a LV event. Although it is nice, the open top was not for me.
  9. Montaige is such a great bag ! I love it in red and black :love:
    Guilty Pleasure I adore your bag charm :P
  10. I love the shape, very cute! Not too old at all.
  11. Does this bag come in Ivory or Cassis?
  12. Cute! I'm very into the style and colors of this one. Also I love that it seems to be able to be worn cross body as well.
  13. well, I think it's cute!
  14. I think its cute but so pricey
  15. Very appealing and trendy and not at all "old-fashioned".
    : )