Epi Montaigne in Ivorie - help this style ingenue

  1. I love the Montaigne PM and I'm really having a hard time deciding if I should get the Ivorie or the black. I LOVE ivorie but I need to know if this color is too bright for dinners out with friends. Like, if i'm wearing a black dressy top, skinny jeans and heels, will the ivorie look misplaced?

  2. I think you should stick with the black... I'm only saying that because I prefer darker colors.
  3. I prefer the black also, but I will say that the ivoire is NOT a screaming paper white. It is white, but there is a creaminess to it.
  4. Get the BBBBBBBBlack!!!! I've been looking at that bag too!!!!!!! It's GORGEOUS!:woohoo:
  5. I also love this bag!! I love this in ivory definitely!
  6. I have only just noticed this bag. Not an expert like the rest of you here :tup:
    Was looking at the Epi Pochette in black or Azur Pochette, however when I saw the Montaigne this morning my mind was made up! :amuse:

    oh right back to the topic :p I tend to wear lots of black too but reckon the palladium hardware looks nicer on the Ivoire, a bit too "big" on the black? Just my 2 cents.

    1 vote for Ivoire
  7. Ivorie! It looks amazing with black. I love mine and the ivorie is such a rich colour, it makes the harrdwre stand out beautifully. IMO it is just not the same bag in black.
  8. I would get the black.
  9. I'd get the black!
  10. I like that bag in black ...
  11. I saw it in Ivorie and it looked great!
  12. It is very pretty in white; however, the black is more practical....