Epi Montaigne Clutch: Black Or Ivory?

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  1. I bought BF another LV (Utah) wallet for Xmas because i couldnt think of anything else to get him. I decided to give it to him earlier because i just couldnt wait till Christmas day :yahoo: My present got rejected :crybaby:...well sort of... He asked me "What am i going to do with 3 wallets??" FYI, the other 2 are both LV (Damier & Taiga) and from me as well. In the end, we decided that i should exchange the wallet for something that i want and i could put some money towards the SLR camera that he wants. So now i HAVE to get something from LV for myself :roflmfao: I need another evening bag so i thought the Epi Montaigne clutch would be the perfect choice. The only problem is...black or ivory?? I've already got the white Suhali L'aimable which i use as an evening bag so i'm leaning towards the black; but the ivory looks so beautiful :shrugs:
  2. Since you already have a white bag, go for the black!
  3. I love :heart::heart::heart: the Epi Montaigne clutch. It's soooo beautiful. Since you already have the Suhali L'Aimable in white, I would say get the black so that you have a dark color bag as well as a light color one. You will have something for all occassions. I know the ivory is gorgeous but you would end up with 2 white/cream clutches.
  4. i vote black! you already have white covered, as you said. so go for black now -- and maybe come back to the ivory later if you really want it!
  5. I would agree. Getting the black allows you to cover more of your wardrobe. Go for the black.
  6. black
  7. ~You can never go wrong w/ black:tup:~
  8. i just bought the black from eluxury and it's stunning! i plan on taking it to all my holiday parties (including the one i'm having).
  9. Black, since you already have a white bag.
  10. I have the black epi montaigne clutch and an ivory soufflot and I think you should get the ivory. White is so hot for xmas. :tup:
  11. Get the black!!
  12. Here's a pic of my white one. If someone can post a pic of their black one, maybe it can help you decide?
    Montaigne Clutch 1.JPG Montaigne Clutch & Ludlow Wallet.JPG
  13. I also love the white, but since you already have something in white go for the black, variety is the spice of life!
  14. They both look gorgeous, but since you already have a white suhali then I say the black.
  15. go for black..