Epi Matsy - should i get it?

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  1. just a quick question ..

    should i get the Epi Matsy in Mandarine?

    what do you think about this bag?


    i do want to get something from the Mandarine line which is not too big and bulky. ( no speedys. alma ... )

    is this too old looking?

    anyone here has it? how do you find it?
    is it practical?

    any advise, opinions?

  2. i personally dont like it. for the price i think its too much and not that attractive IMO
  3. i like the epi line so much, and i never saw this style before!i find it very cute, and i'm sure in mandarin it'd look better!!!!!:nuts::biggrin:
  4. I'm with mischa... mandarin will look so cute!
  5. I think it's very cute. It's on my "want" list!
  6. Neither have I! I would LOVE to see what it looks like in Mandarin!!!
  7. I like it in madarine but it's pretty poorly made IMO. I was very dissapointed when I saw it IRL.
  8. In black it doesn't have much "personality", though in the mandarine it may. It does have a classic style to it that I do find attractive. BUt does it really matter what all of us think? If you like it - well then go for it:yes:
  9. I completely agree!
  10. thanks for that!
    i didn't expect it to be that thin ..

    does it look too thin on the shoulder? as i'm petite and so i might be able to get away with it?

    my main concern is whether it would be too thin and 2D when i carry it on the shoulder .. and look weird
  11. I am also petite and it looked OK on my shoulder when the purse was empty, but I thought it looked odd when I put my sunglasses case in the purse.
  12. It's not my favorite bag but the price is pretty good for an epi and practically everthing looks good in mandarin!
  13. I'v never seen this bag IRL but from the pic I think it is pretty! I bet in mandarine it will look fabulous!
  14. It's A Gorgeous Bag.....If You Love It: $885, Is Not Bad, It Is Epi Leather