Epi Mandarin

  1. Consider yourself lucky if you have an epi bag in mandarin, especially the speedy! It's been discontinued officially.

    In case you're looking for a speedy in the mandarin, there are three stores carrying it right now: Saks Atlanta, Bermuda, and San Francisco.

    Run and grab it if you love the color but don't have it, 'cause the next place it will start being available will be ebay and who knows how high the price might be!

    The new color Cannelle will be coming out in early September, but I'm faltering on the color because it's going to have shiny nickel hardware. i don't see the combo going well together.
  2. Great!!! Thank you so much for the info!!!:flowers:
  3. Good to know! I guess I'm getting mine just in time then.
  4. Glad I already got my speedy!
  5. So happy I got my mandarin speedy for my B-day in March!!! thanks for the info.!!!
  6. Aw this news makes me sad, the mandarin is such a pretty and fun color!!
  7. I am really sad to hear this.
  8. Exactly why I got my Jasmin last year!
    Yay :heart:
  9. What color is Canelle? Is that a brown??
  10. aww, that's just too bad, :heart: the mandarin color. I do have the mandarin pont neuf. It's such a happy color:yes:
  11. I love the Mandarin, got mine just in time. The new color is a cinnamon color, there are some threads about it already. I am not sure if there are any pics yet though.
  12. thanks for the info...ooo, I'd love to have an epi mandarin speedy!
  13. Maybe I'm just too boring for this colour - it looks gorgeous but I don't think I could ever carry it. Thanks for the heads up though ! :graucho:
  14. Hey, that's cool, it's not for everyone, just as we all have different taste in LV styles, thank god we don't ALL want/buy/love EXACTLY the same bags and colors....it's bad enough we are all so obsessed with LV in general! LOL:yahoo: can you imagine if ALL of us were after the exact same bags:wtf:
  15. adore the mandarin, but im saving up for a MC speedy in white, so now mandarin for me.