Epi Mandarin??

  1. Just wondering if they are discontinuing the Mandarin. I notice on Elux that its only available in a few styles now.
  2. I think I had heard something about this awhile ago, which is why I got my Jasmin when I did. But then again, Elux is also not going to sell the multicolore line anymore so maybe this is kind of the same thing..just phasing it out of the site.
  3. hmm - so maybe its just elux?/ Anybody else know?? thanks!
  4. I just checked their wp and the madarin ist still available so I'm pretty sure it's just eluxury.
  5. I asked the manager when I was at LV last Friday, she said mandarin will continue, epi yellow is gone.
  6. :suspiciou Curious-- My SA at LV told me mandarin was discontinued and was slowly being phased out.
  7. hmm I wonder what the truth is - just saw it still listed on LV's site
  8. I just purchased an epi petit noe in mandarin orange. I ordered in on the phone (1-800) number. When I called, the person told me that only 18 (of the noe) are in the US....I'm not sure if that is true.
  9. That is what the customer service rep at E-lux told me a few weeks ago.
  10. When I called the 1-800 # to ask about the Cerise line, the were able to tell me how many items were available and where they were. So I bet that was an accurate statement. Congrats on such a great purchase!!
  11. I Heard The Same About The Mandarin.....I'm Really Thinking About The Speedy (I Better Think Fast!).
  12. well i better decide quickly as well!
  13. Speedy Epi Mandarin :love:
  14. I've been hearing conflicting reports as well :wacko: - one SA said it was going to be phased out, another said it would continue...at this rate, I may as well just toss a coin to determine if it's going to be discontinued or not.
  15. I have not heard that....is that true?
    I did hear the Mandarin was being discontinued, but with LV you never know. I just got a Mandarin bucket and it's gorgeous. Great color for summer[​IMG]