Epi Mandarin owners - please help!!

  1. So I have my lovely Mandarin Speedy and like I'd heard - it does smell terrible - just like cat pee (truly does). Well I tried putting a dryer sheet in - and nothing - still smells. I talked to the LV manager at the store today and he said maybe try something like Febreeze. Has anybody actually gotten rid of the smell?? Any help would be most appreciated!
  2. I haven't gotten rid of the smell on mine, but then I haven't really tried b/c I don't carry the bag very much. It is quite potent, though!
  3. I tried this with another leather bag that smelled. I put wadded up plain newsprint paper (like for packing) inside with sprigs of fresh lavendar. I left it zipped up for a week and when I reopened it, the smell was gone. The bag didn't smell strongly of lavendar either -- just a hint that eventually went away.
  4. is it only with the epi mandarin?
    I have a red epi and don't have that problem.
  5. A lot of people had put ground up coffee beans in a coffee filter, and shut it with a rubber band at the top, apparently it works, try it!
  6. i think im weird, but i LOVE the way it smells...teeehehe.
  7. hmm - coffee beans - that might work. I'll give it a shot. In the meantime, I called the LV customer service and she was going to see what she could find out!
  8. To think that we spend lots of money for a bag and now we have to find remedies for its smell. :wacko:
  9. Well that's why I called LV - you'd think that during the manufacturing of the bag - someone would have noticed that there was an odor problem and would have remedied it - but NOOO - let's make it anyone - its a gorgeous color and they'll buy it, lol
  10. I just got mine on Friday and didn't notice any weird smells. You could try spraying a handkerchief with perfume and leaving it inside the bag (a little trick I learned from my granny:love: ).
  11. I was going to suggest coffee, as some others did. Also, you might try baking soda. It's supposed to be good for getting smells out of a refrigerator, so maybe it would work for this too.
  12. I have the epi mandarin alma. No smells ... except for the light, glorious new smell of the alcantara lining inside.
  13. I was wondering why they don't put alcantra lining inside a speedy.:weird:
  14. I have the epi mandarin pochette and that doesn't smell either. I am currently trying the baking soda method inside my smelly Spontini though, so I shall let you know how that goes!