Epi Mandarin no longer available ??

  1. i'm dying to have an Epi Mandarin stuffs...soufflot or speedy 25.
    is it still available at any store ??....:shrugs:
  2. I know they've stopped making it, but there are probably some scattered around the stores, so you could try calling 855 (or whatever that number is) to help you locate one. Good luck :flowers:
  3. Yep. Its discontinued already. I think it will be hard to find. You might need to resort to eBay or hope Let trade has some
  4. Dallas Galleria still had a few pieces last week. Mostly accessories.
  5. I think the speedy is definetly gone. I know some stores have smaller pieces (wallets and small leather accessories). Your best bet is eBay or let-trade :smile:
  6. Yeah it's a discontinued color but you can still find some select pieces now. I know elux has (had?) the keycase recently.
  7. check w/866, they are great at locating pieces like that, good luck!
  8. Cles and Speedy are definitely sold out everywhere- but some accessories and less popular bags are still available; on elux they have:
    -Dhanura MM
    -Mandara PM
    -Salabna (which in my opinion is highly underrated)
    As of last November I saw an Alma and Jasmin in Hawaii- not sure about availability stateside.
  9. I saw many mandarin pieces in Spain
  10. I know what you mean. I would love to add more mandarin to my collection, but I'm afraid most of it is gone.
  11. I miss the color.
  12. There are still mandarin epi pochettes available through LV...you should call the 866 number and they can tell you exactly which stores have it. Good luck with your search!
  13. Hi! I hope this helps but this girl is selling 2ndhand bags. She's totally legit. She's a socialite from Manila (read her blog). She's selling a beautiful mandarin soufflot. Maybe you can contact her and make an arrangement? Hope it helps. ;)

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