Epi Mandarin is officially discontinued :(

  1. I had it confirmed by the store manager at the LV in Fairfax Square (Tysons Corner VA) today. I asked him if there were any Epi Mandarin Speedy 25s left, and he was able to track one down for me at the LV Chevy Chase MD location. So I should be getting a call on Tuesday to come back to Tysons Corner and get my new Speedy! Yay!

    And since Mandarin is discontinued (and getting harder to find already), I stopped by the LV at the Tysons NM and bought an Epi Mandarin wallet to go with my new Speedy. LOL

    That'll be it for me for a few months....maybe by then the waiting list for the new Damier Speedy will be shorter.

    What was interesting was that the LV Fairfax Square was practically deserted, but the LV at Tysons NM was packed with people. I guess people don't want to make a special trip, but are happy to stop in while they're already in a mall. The NM LV also had the new May 1 arrivals in, but wouldn't let anyone buy them yet (not until Monday!). Those new Multicolore bags are really cute!
  2. ooo thanks for the heads up!...im reading this as im about to head to tysosn 2!!!!
  3. What?! Nooooo :sad: I wanted to get the Epi Speedy in mandarin sometime in June. Crap. I also want a Balenciaga city, and I can't afford both right now. I hope I'm able to track the Speedy down when I go to buy it.

    I hope you're able to get yours, mharvey! Congrats on the wallet :biggrin:
  4. Are you serious?! Good thing I got my speedy then!!! I actually asked the SA when I was at the store if the color was being discontinued and he said NO. I called 1*866*VUITTON when I got home yesterday and the lady that I spoke to on the phone told me that EVENTUALLY they WILL discontinue the Mandarin color but so far the ONLY Epi color that they stopped producing is Mocha (sp?).
  5. That figures....Mocha is the other Epi color that I really like. :mad:
  6. well, they also got rid of the "old red" which i have and love, and now only have the "new red"
  7. ^^^ Is the old red with the gold zippers and the new red with the silver zippers? If so, I like the new red then. :P
  8. I was at the Tysons Square LV on Friday and it was deserted then as well. I MUCH prefer it over the NM LV - the girls in there are not very friendly (to say the least)
  9. I just called the vuitton number and they said that it wasn't discontinued? ahh! i'm confused.
  10. Wow, I love the mandarin color!

  11. Maybe it's only being discontinued in some stores? The NM LV also said they weren't going to carry it anymore, and that I was "lucky" that they still had the wallet I wanted. So confusing!
  12. ohh someone please confirm this please! if it is discontinued i'm going to my LV store to get something while i can! i love this colour...
  13. Beautiful color...I would love a pice as well, but waiting on my Hermes Bag (talk about waiting)
  14. Well, the way I'm looking at it for myself is that if two of my 4 local stores are telling me they aren't going to carry it anymore (haven't asked the other 2...yet!) then it doesn't matter what the people at the Vuitton telephone line say. LOL

    My advice would be if you are worried about being able to get the one you want, that you should call your local retail store and ask *them* if they are going to stop carrying it. If they say yes, then you might want to consider moving up your plans to buy something.

    I had originally planned to try to buy the Mandarin Epi Speedy 25 when I go shopping with my friends over Memorial Day weekend, but today's news made me decide to buy it sooner, because I'm concerned that it might not be there by the time I got around to buying it later. But that's just me. :smile:
  15. Thanks for the heads up! I may need to get some accessories now!