Epi Mandarin discontinued?

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  1. I am a little bit confused. I feel like I read that epi mandarin in speedy style is discontinued. I look on elux and I see that they are still selling mandarin coin purses though. Has mandarin recently been discontinued? Is that old stock then they are getting rid of not to replenish? I am contemplating either a red or mandarin speedy. Which do you prefer? I would be getting it on eBay anyway so it doesn't so much matter if it is discontinued. I was just wondering if it were.
  2. Production of Mandarin was discontinued last year but there are still items out there that LV will sell through.
  3. Yup, the color is discontinued but not all pieces have sold out yet so you'll still find some around.
    Between red and Mandarin, I'd go with Mandarin :yes:
  4. ^^yep I agree, go with mandarin!
  5. yea, no MORE will be made. just leftovers being sold off. get it while you can!
  6. If you like the mandarin you probably should get it now, the red will be around so you could get something in it later!
  7. I'd go with Mandarin, it's a very nice color!
  8. yup, agree w/what's been said, ring up 866 if you are looking for a particular piece, they are great to locate em.
  9. I would go for mandarin, too.
  10. cool babydoll! I like your style, so since I have mandarin, I'm glad you said this!

    YaY! mandarin is good, red will always be there in some for or another...
  11. I like the color mandarin. It looks really good with monogram as well.
  12. If you can get your hands on a mandarin speedy, I would say go for it.
  13. ive been looking for a mandarin speedy and i cant find it anywhere! :sad:
  14. Def. mandarin! let-trade had one the last days (size 30), but I just checked... it's gone, sorry. They pop up from time to time, just keep looking!
  15. 100% Mandarin