Epi Mandarin Alma or Speedy?

  1. I've tried to be good...but I just can't get the Epi Mandarin out of my mind. I need to snap one up before they're gone! I can't decide though...Alma or Speedy 30? I love the Alma in the Epi line, but do you think that the shape is too dressy for the Mandarin? It's such a fun color! Also, I'm not crazy about the Speedy in Epi. I like mine saggy and smooshy (I know that I'm probably in the minority here) but the Mandarin Speedy seems so :love: ! I really can't decide because I like them both!!
  2. For Mandarin, I would get the speedy.
  3. Although I prefer the speedy, I don't think you can go wrong with either one
  4. the alma would be perfect in this, no worries about the bottom of the bag :smile:
  5. I have the Jasmin in the Mandarin and love the color.
    But I think either the Speedy or the Alma are good choices..the Alma shape is never *too* dressy, IMO. So either one, really. Just depends on what shape you like..I'd probably go for the Speedy though.
  6. I would probably chose the Speedy because I prefer that style, but they are both gorgeous!
  7. I like the Alma =)
  8. I would choose the speedy. I'm not too crazy about the alma shape, but that's just me.
  9. Speedy.
  10. Speedy!

    somehow i just can't like the Alma. and somehow i think the Alma only looks OK in Monogram, Damier or black Epi.
  11. You can't go wrong with either!:yes: I own an epi speedy 30 (or should I say 34:lol:) and LOVE it but it IS a little bulky!:nuts: Alma shape is SO :love::tender:!
  12. speedy!!!
  13. Speedy! It is larger than the Alma, just like LV_addict said, about 34 as opposed to 30. mandarin is such a gorgeous color in all styles.
  14. the speedy! :love:
  15. I prefer the Speedy, but a mandarine Alma is definitely more unique. You don't see too many around.