EPI Mandara in RED

  1. So i went in yesterday to buy the chelsea and the SA showed me the EPI Mandara MM in red. that was the first time i saw the mandara and let me tell you i fell in love with it. to make a long story short, i didnt cave in so i walked out with the chelsea! :yahoo:
    however, i've been thinking about the mandara all of last night. a few questions:

    1) i've heard that there is a price increase soon? is this true and do you know when?

    2) does anyone have the red mandara MM? if so, do you like it? is it roomy enough to put alot of stuff in there?

    3) i am so thinking about that purse! i love my chelsea but i love the madara too! so crazy!

    i think i might head to the store this afternoon to get the purse! help guys! going insane here:hysteric:

  2. i have this bag in blue and i really like it. the thing i like best is that it can be worn messenger style or on the shoulder. looks great both ways. it can hold quite a bit as well. i can usually fit all my crap plus diapers, wipes etc but it's not too bulky or awkward to carry. it looks gorgeous in red! good luck with your decision! the price increase is feb 1st.
  3. The mandara is so pretty in red. My store had a mandarin mandara that I was eyeballing, but never bought. I think it's a cute bag. Get it before the alleged price increase.
  4. my friend's mom got the mandara mm (in black) when it first came out, and it is pretty roomy. not huge, but big enough for all her stuff...a big prada or lv wallet, her PDA, checkbook, some makeup, pens, perscriptions, and cellphone. it was really nice...(she no longer uses it)