Epi Madeleine GM in noir v.s. vernis Alma pm in Amarante

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  1. Hi gals,

    I am debating between Epi Madeleine GM in noir and vernis Alma pm in Amarante. The thing is I really like monogram vernis, but concerned about it may be easy to have scrach. Also, I would like to stay low-key even when carry an LV purse. Will Epi Mandeleine GM in noir be a good choice for workday bag? :smile:

    Any suggestions are really appreciated:yahoo:
  2. I would go for the Madeleine GM. It's practical and classy, great for work.
  3. I love them both. The Madeleine is probably more practical and durable than the Vernis PM in Amarante and will probably fit more items in.

    Have you considered the Brea GM for a workbag? I have it in the Epi Electric and it is HOT!!
  4. What do you carry to work? I don't carry my laptop therefore I don't need a big size bag. Since you like a low key bag, then go for Epi Alma or Pont Neuf PM in Noir

    I think Vernis Alma is more of an occassion bag rather than a daily bag.
  5. Madeleine GM, I love that purse.
  6. Vernis alma in amarante! I find it more elegant than flashy since the colour is darker. Very pretty purse! Mine has held up very well. I don't think vernis is that susceptible to scratches, but you do need to live with fingerprints and dust. Epi madaleine is very understated and kinda plain by comparison. Depends on what you really want. Good luck with your decision!
  7. Epi Mandeleine GM is perfect for work, indiscreet and classy.
  8. I think the Madeleine GM is the best for work! It's low-key, spacious and carried on the shoulder. It's spacious enough to fit documents as well. The Alma PM is too small I think the MM would be more suitable for work but too 'flashy' for work IMHO.