Epi Madeleine GM - Anyone have pics?

  1. Does anyone have modeling pics of the Epi Madeleine GM? I'm just dying to see how it looks on someone.
  2. Just bought it a few hours ago, will post pics as soon as i can :tup:
  3. I would like to see them too,
  4. Can't wait to see, angelgo! Congrats on your new purchase!
  5. hi guys, sorry it took me sooo long to upload these pictures! I just got home from a trip and just managed to take them now. hehe :yes: sorry for the bad quality, i really need to get a good camera! haha :p
    DSCN1510-1.JPG DSCN1511-2.JPG DSCN1512-1.JPG DSCN1515-1.JPG DSCN1518-1.JPG
  6. here's the last one :tup:
  7. looks good on you, congrats!
  8. Great fit on you! I was considering the pm size but after seeing the gm modeled, not sure what I will get, for the gm looks awsome!
  9. the SA i talked to said that the GM was the more popular one since the trend nowadays is large bags :smile: hope that helps in making ur decision!
  10. Seems like a great bag for the price!
  11. Looks great!
  12. congrats, looks nice!
  13. Yay! It's so gorgeous on you!
  14. YOW-ZA! way to rock a bag angelgo!:tup: