Epi Madeleine, anyone?? Which shoulder bag?

  1. Hello... been awhile since i posted a thread coz i'been good and staying on a ban..hee

    But now the itch is back and I am alittle in love with the Epi Madeleine (in IVOIRE) becoz this time round I wanted a shoulder bag...as i already had a few hand-held bags.. what do you think of the Epi Madeleine? Then again, I realised that Madeleine resembles Rosewood shape..and I ALREADY have the Rosewood in Pomme.. so it would be quite silly to get the Madeleine then...

    If not Madeleine, then which shoulder bag should i get? I want something which I can carry even on weekends! Thanks in advance!!! ;)
  2. I LOVE the Madeleine. I want that to be my next bag.I say go for the Madeleine.
  3. I love the madeline...I say go for it! Epi leather is so beautiful and classy too.
  4. The red it TDF. I'm hoping they come out with it in the larger size. It's gorgeous.
  5. I like the Madeleine. Since it's epi leather, it will in no way look like the Rosewood. Ivoire is beautiful. Get it, you'll love it.
  6. i got the madeleine GM in black and have been in love with it since day one :smile: u should definitely get it :smile: