EPI made in USA? Wallets MIF?

Feb 4, 2009
Although all my epi bags and SLGs are MIF, when I went to get the epi NF, the only black one they had was MIU. It wouldn't have made a difference but the seam on it was distasteful, so I waited for them to bring in a new one a couple days later.

So yes, at least some of the epi NFs have the cloth tag. can't speak for the SLGs though.


LV LaLa Land
Aug 9, 2012
Ok makes me feel so much better. I got an Epi pochette and it was MIU and I thought it was fake :sad: But, everything else on it looked good.

I can't talk about all fakes but most of them are MiF because they know/feel that most LV consumers would prefer MiF therefore it lessening the chance of being passed off as fake. Some people wouldn't look twice to buy if it was MiU so there's no point in making a fake MiU since people wouldn't be interested in it anyways. Just a theory I've seen.