Epi Luggage tags...

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  1. I know that I can buy Vachetta tags at the store... but I really want a colored one... can you buy epi luggage tags at the boutiques? or do i have to buy an epi keepall to get one?
  2. You can buy epi luggage tags in a range of colours, as well as brown ones to match Damier and Vachetta ones to match monogram. Just ask at your local store and they should have a box full of them, however colours and sizes will vary. I know that my store only had 2 small vachetta tags and thats only because someone ordered one and then changed their mind. So it may just be luck of the draw!
  3. yep, m'laden is right. our boutique even has some in discontinued Epi colours and other discontinued leathers too. i think an orange luggage tag would be great with a Monogram bag. red would give it that Mono Rubis look to the bag.