Epi love???

  1. Hey everyone!! Im really new to LV as a matter of fact...I dont know crap about LV! BUT, I am really loving the Epi look, atleast I think thats what they are..theres a picture below which I got off eBay...forgive me if its not real, but you get the point lol. Im just wondering if these are still in the boutique's?? Are they still in style?? HELP! haha...


    Thanks in advance!!
  2. I love the epi.
  3. me too - I intend on getting an Epi Noe - I just cant justify spending $1K+ on a non leather bag..
  4. queen: the epi speedy is still available in the boutiques but with silver hardware instead of the gold now. it's always in style and i don't think it will ever go out of style since it's so subtle and classy.

    you should really go to a boutique and check them out in person and try a few on.

    misspp: the epi line is made from real leather. some of the other lines such as monogram, damier, mini lin and others are not.
  5. That's a Speedy, looks like a size 25. It's definately still in boutiques but the black now has silver hardware. I believe they made that change in the last year or so. Some prefer the gold hardware you have pictured!
  6. Thats so awesome! Thats for all the info. I would probably prefer the silver. We have a boutique here so next time Im in that mall Ill stop by. Thanks so much everyone!!
  7. my friend just got the black epi speedy 25 and it's beautiful! such a classic... see it in person and you will fall in LOVE :heart:
  8. Here here. Epi bags are gorgeous. So carefree and elegant.
  9. Hi, the speedy will always be in style, don't worry about it! Especially in a safe black colour. It's evergreen.
  10. Queen, GET THE EPI SPEEDY!

    Haha, I'm really excited because I literally just got the black epi speedy 30 today with gold hardware...one of the last in Australia...I am SO happy this was able to be tracked down. Anyway, it's roomy, it's a classic, it is perfect for day and night, you won't regret it! :heart:
  11. That black epi sounds gorgeous! Have you posted pics anywhere? :drool:

    I'd love an Epi somethingorother, but haven't decided what I'll get. I'm worried a Cles would get dirty and scuffed quickly - I've seen pics of an older Epi item and it looked pretty awful. I'm trying to think of something that won't get so bashed around as a Cles, but is still a smaller item..