Epi lockits IRL!

  1. Hi! I just came from my LV boutique to pick up a few purchases and my SA showed me the epi lockit in black. She told me there's a red and white. I forgot to ask about the lilac and forgot to ask if I could take pictures. Sorry, ladies! I guess I was too busy checking out my purchase. LOL!

    It's the same size as the mono lockit - not the suhali. Some ladies were asking about the size last time. I wanted the suhali size so I decided the epi lockit was too small for me so I got something else instead. They're due for release July 1. Looks cute!! :yes::tup::smile:
  2. Thank you for the heads-up on the Epi lockits! There are so many new bags coming out July 1st --- makes my head spin!
  3. Do you know what the price is on the epi lockits?
  4. Oooh... I wanna see a pic of these new gorgeous pieces!!! :nuts:
  5. Thanks for the info ...I wish it was more like the suhali shape lockit too ...that is my fav bag EVER:yahoo:
  6. Isn't it $980 or somewhere around there? I remember that the price quoted on TPF was definitely less than $1000 but over $900
  7. Hi, kitsunegrl & karman! Its PHP 53500. Prices here are higher compared to Hongkong so it would be approx $900 - 980.
  8. You're right! I was a little disappointed but I guess that would give me more time to save up for the MIRAGE!!!
  9. I saw it yesterday in black at the boutique and it's gorgeous!
  10. I saw it in 3 colors today !! Is nice but I think it is a little bit too small for me !! ^^
  11. Hmmmm. I like to see the new colors. :tup:
  12. Thanks for the info, I cannot wait to see these IRL!
  13. I love the epi lockit.
  14. oh, i am dying to see the purple!
  15. Excellent! Thanks for sharing!