Epi Lockit ?

  1. I was really really considering getting the epi lockit, I actually have it on hold right now!! hehe What do you all feel about it? I think I definitely need some enabling!! Is it a :tdown: or :tup:? I haven't had anything in epi before and I really want a nice peice for the first one.
  2. I love the Epi lockit - what color are you planning on getting? The Ivoire would be beautiful for the summer!
  3. Very low upkeep :smile: perfect for bad weather and as a low key bag :smile:
  4. I saw one in ivoire and I was like :drool:
  5. I'm thinking about getting the black one. I was actually considering getting the ivory one but I'm a bit scared about the material and dirt and little marks that would be soo visiblew with the color. Do you think it's a bit to dressy?! I'm trying to picture myself wearing it with some jeans. Or would I only be able to wear it with dressier clothes?
  6. ^^ Epi goes with just about anything, IMO.
  7. I think the lockit is a great bag. I am thinking about one myself. I love white bags...on other people. They are so beautiful but I am always afraid as you are of getting them dirty. Black is a good safe color but I have to say I am tempted by the red. Red goes with a lot and might be fun with jeans etc...
  8. I love the Epi lockit in Ivory it's beautiful but i dont know if it gets dirty easily.
  9. I would definitely go for it -- Epi is a tough material that ages well and the lockit is a beautiful classic shape!
  10. I saw the Epi lockit IRL last week and it VERY beautiful & classy! I say go for it!
  11. oh I can't wait to see it, I have yet to see it. I've been looking at pictures online. I've placed one on hold already and am going to look at it tomorrow, I'm still trying to decide between the lockit and a shoulder bag. I already have 2 speedy's and don't know if i need another hand bag. I just love the shape of it. But i'm afraid of it looking unproportional to my body because it's so small. However if I do get one I think it'll be in the black, I just the look of it.
  12. I love the Epi lockit.
    I think Epi goes with just about everything ,
    and i love the lockit shape :yes:
  13. Black epi lockit would be gorgeous. I love the lockit shape and esp. in epi leather. Do it!!!
  14. Just saw it a few days ago at LV boutique. The black is fabulous!!!

    I'm a little weary of Ivory because of dirt.
  15. ohh I can't wait to see it, I've seen two of them on the forum here and the pictures look amazing, I've yet to decide if I want it in the ivory or the black, haha I hope I don't love the ivory more because I don't kow if I could keep it clean. For anyone that has the lockit, is the size good? or a bit small?! I only have the speedy's to reference too!!