EPI lockit

  1. I don't know if there's a thread about this. I know that Epi lockit is coming out but does anyone know when?

    I look at the LV website, the Japan site has it and the ivory looks gorgeous:nuts:and conversion (xe.com) is about 1100 CDN (I round up to the nearest hundred)

    Does anyone know the exact launch date and the price?

    I was on the phone with my SA earlier....and will go to LV store to show her the problem of my NF MM *sigh*:crybaby:..............but i forgot to ask her about the epi lockit...

  2. Ah, intresting!

    Do you have a link to the Ivory Epi Lockit?
  3. I just posted a thread on this. My SA showed me a black one a few days ago. They're due for release JULY 1. Check out the LV shopping section :smile:
  4. I doubt the link would work since they will always go to back to the default homepage of the Japan LV...but here's the pic...isn't it gorgeous!?!?!


    If anyone knows about the release date and price.....I will hug you and love you to death!! :heart: HAHA
  5. I mean TPF Louis Vuitton shopping section. Sorry I don't know how to make a link here...

    Its due for release TOMORROW JULY 1 so better hurry. It looks like the mono lockit. I was hoping for a suhali lockit size so I passed on this coz it would be too small for me. Colors for release are black, ivorie and red. No news about the new purple. Price approx $900-980 - priced a little higher than the epi speedy 30. Hope this helps :smile:
  6. love it!!
  7. really love it in ivory.
  8. Wow that is stunning!
  9. Oh wow very pretty.July 1st is right around the corner too!
  10. That is gorgeous!
  11. I tried this on yesterday and the ivory is stunning :heart:
  12. This bag is very pretty, this is what I passed up the miroir lockit for and I don't regret not one bit. :noworry:
  13. MY SA just showed this to me it's gorgeous. It would definitely be a bag I would consider.
  14. Oh no! Another bag to ogle and dream about! The Epi Lockit in Ivory is simply divine!!
  15. Wow, I can hardly wait to see it... Epi and a Lockit... two of my favourites and now in a combo? Does it get better than that???