Epi lockit

  1. Has anybody seen one IRL yet and when is this due for release? Does it look more like the mono lockit or the suhali? Any ideas how much?

    I'm planning to buy a montaigne PM but read about the lockit being released by July. I'm thinking about waiting for the lockit but worried about the price increase. Any suggestions?
  2. You're right --- the Epi Lockits will be released in July in three different colors: black, white, and red. These bags will have silver hardware. Cost is $930 for the PM (9.3"x10.8"x4.5")

    The epi Lockit looked really good in the lookbook!! I would wait until you see the epi Lockit IRL to decide. Good luck!!
  3. WOW,
    The size is smaller than mono lockit?????????

    I wanted smaller size!!
    And it's cheaper than I thought!

    I can't sleep, I can't wait!
  4. wow! it's definitely cheaper than i expected. thanks, pursenut911! i wanted bigger/more horizontal size - more like the suhali line. maybe i should get the MM?? the PM would be too small for me...
  5. You're welcome! I didn't see the MM in the lookbook, but that could be because I was so overwhelmed with all the new goodies. LOL Keep in mind that the prices may not stay the same. It usually goes up, but I hope not!! :smile:
  6. Wow, I wasn't considering this bag, but now seeing the price I don't think I can resist.
  7. anyone knows if the epi lockit will be launched in the canelle colour? this is part of the permanent colour range.......oh I so wanna see an epi lockit!
  8. The lookbook did not list the cannelle color for the epi lockit, just black, red, and ivoire for now. I'd really like to see an Epi Lockit too! :smile:
  9. wish they don't increase their prices before they launch the lockits :sad:
  10. I'm itching to see a picture of this lockit.
  11. LVcruise2.jpg
  12. omg, smaller? and for $930? crap. my little addiction is starting to get EXTREMELY expensive lol...
  13. Looks like its blue :tup:
    Have u seen the Lockits in the Fall summary ?? :nuts::nuts:
    beigelockit.jpg bluelockit.jpg greylockit.jpg orangelockit.jpg redlockit.jpg
  14. Those are the Suhali Lockits, not Epi ;)